tourist vegan

okay, last night i complained a lot, so i’m here tonight to make it up to everyone. i had SUCH a good food day today! i skipped the continental breakfast entirely, opting for one of my luna bars instead, and then did some conferencing. 

at lunch, a friend and i ventured over to AS220 to check out the offerings of taqueria pacifica (from what i understand, it’s basically a former taco truck that moved into AS220 to have a kitchen complete with a counter and table seating). they were extremely vegan-friendly, and allowed me to basically build my own burrito. i asked for black beans, rice, avocado, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, and their homemade vegan sour cream. when they brought my burrito out i was so happy–it was enormous and it looked amazing, and it didn’t disappoint. delicious, for reals. my friend and i were saying after almost every bite, “this is soooo good.”

later this afternoon, we wandered into a nearby starbucks to sit around and chat and do nothing much for awhile. after we’d been there for over an hour, al sharpton walked in. seriously! he was there with a very curly-haired woman, and a huuuuge guy that i’m assuming was the bodyguard (he was also, as it turned out, the driver). they were totally normal and nice, and most of the people in there didn’t even notice because they were doing their own coffee-shop things. my friend and i, on the other hand, gawked quietly and took pictures with my iPhone. hee.

for dinner, we headed out to a place we’d learned about earlier in the day: julian’s. they have lots of vegetarian and vegan stuff, and the guy at taqueria pacifica gave it a hearty recommendation when we asked him about it. three of us walked in, took a seat, and drooled all over the menu. before i even could decide what to have for dinner, i noticed what was on the dessert menu posted on the wall: vegan chocolate brownies with soy ice cream and vegan caramel. i’ll just pause to let you all think about how awesome that is. *waits* i mean seriously. so i said immediately to our server: is there ANY possibility that you might run out of that dessert before i get that far? she said, “i’ll go reserve some right now for you so you’ll be guaranteed to get some.” hooray! with that important business out of the way, i turned to the menu, and i ordered the vegan cheesesteak with fries (and homemade ketchup!). both of my friends got vegan dishes, too, and all of us loooved our food. it was fantastic! 

we were lamenting the fact that we leave tomorrow, and that we hadn’t tried these places a couple of days ago. so many lost opportunities for eating! we did learn that julian’s serves brunch tomorrow, and our server offered to bring us a menu to give us a sneak peek. well, i about died when i saw in big bold letters, “VEGAN LEMON POPPYSEED PANCAKES,” and i made a little squee noise. they also have vegan cinnamon orange french toast. yum! so, we resolved to come back tomorrow at 9am. i love food so much.

anyscoot, it was time for dessert, and she brought me the most gorgeous delicious warm melty brownies EVAR, with two adorable scoops of half-chocolate, half-vanilla ice cream, drizzled with caramel. i probably don’t even have to tell you that It. Was. Goddess. Food. i allowed each friend to take one bite and i hogged the rest of it for myself while i made continuous yummy noises. 

can’t wait for brunch!

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