unexpected changes

there’s a little restaurant, a bistro we’ll say, that’s only a few blocks from our house. it opened around the time that we bought our house, and we liked to walk there for breakfast. this was during my pregan days, so i was partial to their really yummy pancakes (although now i can’t remember what they were. blueberry cornmeal, maybe? anyhow, they were good, but that was then and this is now). we ate breakfast there on many a morning, but once i went vegan my options there dwindled. i started getting a bagel or an english muffin, and asked them to toast it with peanut butter. it wasn’t a fancy breakfast, but it satisfied the ritual. eventually they stopped carrying peanut butter(!), and soon after that we stopped bothering to patronize them. it was kind of a bummer, but oh well.

one day we noticed that they had closed/reopened in a new style (same owners, just a new name)–they had switched from a bistro to a cantina. we were kind of excited about this, because we love mexican food, but on closer inspection of the menu, my husband realized that they didn’t change much at all; just added some mexican stuff for dinnertime. strange. anyhow, we continued to ignore them at breakfast time.

last weekend, when i was out of town, our village delivered cute reusable shopping bags to every single home. they’re a pretty dark green color, and they’re stocked with a bunch of coupons and menus for nearby shops. my husband called me, literally breathless with excitement, to tell me that there was a menu tucked in for the newest iteration of our bistro/cantina, which is now a cafe. heh. guess what? they’ve suddenly become explicitly vegan-friendly at breakfast! my husband was really psyched because he LOVES walking to a breakfast place, so we made plans to visit after i came back home. today was the day.

they now have a tofu scramble on the menu (it comes with potatoes and toast, and you can pick what ingredients you want added to your scramble), and they also have vegan french toast. woo hoo! two things that i like! they also have chai pancakes(!!!!) on their menu, but alas, they are not vegan. i’m seriously considering writing a letter about that. hee. so, this morning i ordered the french toast and hubby ordered the tofu scramble. they were both very good! they ran out of ‘vegan butter’ but i made do without it. oh, and i also got to have a big ol’ delicious chai with soymilk. 

looks like we’ll get to have some nice lazy sabbatical breakfasts!


  1. I love going out to breakfast. I am seriously envious that you can walk to breakfast. Yay for lazy sabbatical breakfasts to come!

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