vultures at the hospital

heh, apparently some turkey vultures are loitering at a hospital, looking in the windows at the patients. i love it! and i’m really pleased that this article isn’t written from the typical “nuisance” slant, with a list of all the ways they’re going to “get rid of” the birds. progress! 

when i lived in austin, there were turkey vultures aplenty–we saw them constantly, all over the place. they particularly favored the huge powerline structures near the bluffs (and the shopping mall), and i liked to count as many as i could if we’d be stopped at a nearby stoplight. once i visited someone who lived up in the bluffs, and from their living room window we’d see the vultures flying right by–it was the craziest thing. i loved it. this article just made me a little homesick for austin, i think. i’ll have to go visit some vultures!

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