when the circus comes to town

one of my friends grew up in a very small town, and she has lived most of her adult life in that same small town, or a different one just like it. [i now have john cougar mellencamp singing in my head.] she lived here in my city for a couple of years, but otherwise, small town all the way. anyhow, she was telling me today that she never takes "the kids" (her nieces and nephews, and more recently her own two babes) to the circus when it comes to town, and that most of her friends look at her like she has two heads when she tells them she won't be going. apparently it's all the rage, and very exciting when it comes to town, so "everyone" goes. 

living as i do in a rather large city, i was caught a bit off-guard by this story, because although the circus comes here quite regularly, it's extremely super normal to abstain. i really don't know anyone who ever goes, and trust me, i know lots and lots and lots of non-vegans. in fact, it just occurred to me as i'm writing this that the circus is so UNpopular here, that they're constantly giving tickets away for free. they give stacks of tickets to the local elementary schools, and have the teachers hand them out to their students. my sister is one of those teachers, and her entire stack always "accidentally" winds up in the trash. one of the local AR groups here does protests whenever the circus shows up, and they're generally pretty well-received from what i understand. 

i'm wondering if this is really as simple as a big town/small town thing. is it just that in small towns the circus makes a bigger splash, because in a larger city there's already a ton of stuff to do? or is it something else? do any of you live in towns where the arrival of the circus is a big exciting to-do? or are you more like me, where it's hardly a blip on your radar? 

one final note: the circus sucks

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  1. The circus was always a pretty darn big deal in my hometown (population 8,000). Partially, it’s something to do. There’s also the congregational aspect in towns where everyone knows everyone else. Going to the circus means definitely seeing lots of people you know. 🙂

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