hostage shirt and books

so i just learned that herbivore’s site re-vamp has happened (looks purty!) and when i poked around i also learned that josh already made that new shirt he was talking about (woo hoo!), although he saved the beeyootiful blues for the boy version and made the girl version maroon. harumph. oh well, that only made me hesitate a mere two seconds before sticking it my cart anyway. but… when i tried to check out, i kept getting an error. poor poor me, deprived of my 23985th AR t-shirt. watch for an email from me, joshivore!

in other news, my remaining twilight saga books have FINALLY shipped from amazon. maybe i’ll even get them next week! *taps toe impatiently*


  1. I hadn’t seen the Herbivore makeover yet. That new shirt is great. I’ve had my eye on the bunny one.
    All my shirts are “boy” shirts. I don’t like the way girly ones fit.

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