the yogurt explosion

so tonight i was doing the evening feeding ritual: wait until everyone is quiet and behaving, then distract maia and get the boys in their “safe room” to feed them. after maia settles back down again, head downstairs and feed her. i went to the food bag and scooped out her 2.5 cups of kibble, returned to the kitchen and dropped in her heart medication, and then turned to the fridge to grab her yogurt and her omega-3 supplements. as i grabbed her yogurt, however, it slipped out of my hands and started falling straight to the floor. i managed to shout one expletive (i honestly can’t even remember what it was) before it smacked the floor, and of course the cover fell off, the side of the container cracked, and there was a massive yogurt pile on the floor. to make everything even more exciting, it had fallen “against” the front of the fridge, so there was yogurt in the grate and all up under the fridge. sigh.

as i reached for a washcloth, maia hesitated for a moment, looked at me sheepishly, and then got to licking the floor. she thought she’d died and gone to heaven. i let her go ahead for awhile (she just finished a 4-week course of antibiotics so she needs all the help she can get!), but then i got down to business and cleaned it all up. bleah. maia, for her part, got out of my way and watched me from a polite distance. she can be very proper when she wants to be.

One comment

  1. Heehee… when things like that happen here, I say “This is why we need a dog!” and if things like that happen in the presence of a dog, I cordially invite their assistance, and then just wipe off the slobber when they’re done with the job. 😀

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