my dad and stepmom are moving tomorrow (i.e., the moving truck is coming tomorrow), so we went over today to help them move a bunch of stuff beforehand. we did the entire garage, all of the potted flowers from the yard, all of the art from the walls, and some other fragile stuff they didn’t want left to the movers. today was also the first day i’d seen the new house. it’s pretty, but in a very strange way i find myself kind of distanced from it. i’m almost a little resentful of it. 

my dad and stepmom have been living in the “old” house for 23 years now. they got married, started new jobs, and bought that house all in the same year. i feel like they’ve been there nearly forever. we visited there every wednesday and every other weekend for 8-11 years after they bought it, and i moved in there full-time during one year of grad school. i have a lot of memories in that house–a few of them not so great, many of them neutral, and a bunch of good ones too. it feels very strange to be leaving that house, even though it was never really mine to begin with. i feel like i need to say goodbye to it, kind of, and i didn’t get a chance to this afternoon. i thought i’d be going back for another trip, but instead i stayed at the new house and helped clean and get organized. tomorrow the moving truck is coming first thing in the morning, and i’m at the humane society all day, so by the time i could even stop by, they might be totally done and out. that makes me sad. i’m weird.

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