okay, i know it sounds a little silly to talk about "vegan razors," but if you're like me, you've probably thought about (not) supporting certain companies due to connections with animal testing, regardless of whether the product itself is "technically vegan." for a looooong time (seriously, long) i used gillette razors because of their moratorium on animal testing, but last year sometime i decided i wanted to try some of the smaller companies, and i bought a wally razor. i thought it was just really cute, and i read a few good reviews, and i saw one at the store, and the rest is history.

but okay, i'm going to be honest: i don't like it all that much. i mean it's cute, and it is basically functional, but i wouldn't call it fantastic or an amazing shave or anything like that. not at all. the angle is a bit awkward and i kind of hate the blades. they feel scratchy when they're brand new, and by the time i have them "broken in" i need to replace them, if you follow me.

when i went to providence a few weeks ago, i packed one of the disposable/recyclable razors from preserve. i had bought a 4-pack awhile back, and i'd used it once before on another trip, but i didn't actually remember much about it. well, in providence i realized that i liked that razor a lot better than my wally, and decided maybe i'd just switch altogether. i don't entirely understand whether it's meant to be a disposable or not… i mean, they are sold in 4-packs, but i believe you can also buy replacement blades, so i'm not sure what's up with that… but when i figure it out, i think that might become my new razor. (random tangent: because of this positive razor experience, i also switched us over to the preserve toothbrushes, which are great.)

before i make this Very Big Decision, however, i thought i'd ask if anyone else has strong razorly opinions. i know there are these (relatively new?) personna razors that also fall under the cruelty-free category–anyone have experience with those? or does anyone have more input on the preserve razors that i'm already leaning toward? i put my last remaining blade on my wally yesterday, so i'm counting down the days to the big razor switch.


  1. I dunno about razors, but the Preserve toothbrushes are great because you can mail them back when you’re done to be recycled into more toothbrushes! Although in almost every store I’ve bought them in, I haven’t been given the little postage-paid envelope that lets you do this, which makes me angry (recycling means closing the loop, people! arrrgh). But I found out if you contact Preserve & request the envelope they also send you a bunch of coupons w/it. Just a heads-up. 😉

  2. I’ve been using the same Preserve razor for at least three years. I just buy the replacement heads. Gillette (Sensor, I think) heads fit them as well. 🙂 As for toothbrushes, nothing beats my Fuchs replaceable head brush. 🙂

  3. I actually found the Preserve razors to be scratchy too. I mean, they’re okay for legs but my underarms and…erm…girly parts do not take well to them. Putting deodorant on after using a Preserve blade to shave is so painful. And I can’t get a good smooth result.

  4. Also, already tried the Personna ones. Same problem.
    I don’t think that vegan razors are ever going to be good. At the moment I’m using Venus disposables (because buying a proper Venus razor would be officially going against my veganism rather than temporarily :p) until finding a good alternative.
    But it’s been a while now and I am putting it off because it’s so nice to have a smooth, pain-free shave. It’s the one area of my veganism that I’m slack in.

  5. aw, ruth, i’m sorry they haven’t been working for you! razor burn is teh suck. i’ve been using the preserve razors for about a week now, i think, and it’s going pretty well! i use a really gentle deodorant, though, so maybe that’s why i’m not noticing any ouchies? i use earth science liken plant. i bought new replacement blades for my preserve “disposable” that are triple-blade instead of double; it will be interesting to see if i notice a difference when i switch.

  6. gillette tests on animals – if you are vegan or care about animal testing you should not be using any of their products.

  7. suz, i’m not sure if you just didn’t read the entire post, or what… i said that i used to use gillette razors (because of their moratorium on animal testing), but that i had stopped a year before even writing this post, anyway. the whole point of this post was about buying razors that aren’t connected with animal testing.

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