sending food back

argh, i hate when i forget to ask important questions and end up having to send food back. this happens most often if i'm at a new place, or especially if i'm at an "old" place that i just haven't visited for awhile. the latter is where i ate tonight. i ordered a plate of fusilli pasta with marinara sauce, and then mentally smacked myself in the forehead when the server brought it to me–there was parmesan cheese dusted aaaaall over everything. i hate feeling like i'm wasting an entire plate of food! and i get so mad at myself for forgetting to ask about things like that. ugh. she was extremely nice about the whole thing, but i felt like a jerk. 



  1. i hate that too! also, sometimes when i order food i’ll ask for no dairy at all and be very clear about it – and then they’ll bring me dairy on the side, like in a little cup – and i just know that gets tossed rather than being reused, even if i don’t touch it. and when we order takeout / delivery sometimes they give us dairy in little packets, single-serving mayo or whatever, and then we have to figure out what the hell to do with them. sooooo annoying!!! what a waste!

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