*looks around carefully*

holy cow, you guys, i think the day has finally come. i'm pretty sure that i just attended my last summertime academic obligation, and i can consider myself officially on sabbatical. woo hoo! yesterday both of my advisees submitted their theses to the graduate school for august graduation, and this afternoon i attended a proposal meeting for a dissertation that i'm not advising (heh). that means i have NO advisees at the moment, i'm officially done with summer teaching, and by the time faculty meetings start up again, we're completely off the hook for the year. 

of course, i'll still be doing work this year… i'm on a few thesis committees in addition to the aforementioned diss committee, but when you're "just" on the committee it's a much smaller time commitment than being an advisor, so i'm not too worried about those. i have several manuscripts in the air with various grad students and other co-authors, but that's stuff i'm supposed to be working on while on sabbatical. the point is, now i can sit down and chart my own course without worrying about anyone else's schedules, any service or teaching obligations, or anything other than what i feel like doing this week. 

i inadvertently kicked off my sabbatical this afternoon (after the proposal meeting) by spending six hours with my favorite former advisee, who is in town for a couple of weeks from korea. i hadn't seen her in a year, and it was really nice to catch up with her. i've known her for quite awhile now, and we have gotten along extremely well from the get-go (she's more like little-sister age), and i've missed her lots. she'll be around for awhile longer before heading back to korea, so we're going to try to get together again once or twice. yay! 

in other completely wild news, i found a grey hair today. officially my first. i was smoothing my crazy hair after parking the car (windows were open), and i saw a really shiny hair at the top of my head near the back. i was all, could it be? no way, it couldn't… but sure enough, i pulled it out and examined it against my black skirt: shiny silver, and about three inches long. so how long does that mean i've had it? do i blame tenure stress from november – january? or doggie stress from may – july? or just my 34th birthday, which visited me a couple of months ago? unbelievable.


  1. Are you a teacher then?
    Oh noes, not gray hair. lol I’ll go gray quite quick supposedly, even though I’m only 19, because of my hair being dark. -_-

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