auntie at the zoo

i found myself in the slightly awkward position today of "having to" buy animal products. at the zoo. i was a pinch-hitter for my sister (because the baby was totally sick, and especially after last week's stressful babysitting event, she didn't want to leave me with the babe, heh), and so i took my niece to zoo camp, where she did projects and learned all about giraffes, and we capped off the class with a visit to the giraffe exhibit. because the baby had been sick for the past two days, my older niece hadn't gotten much alone-time with anyone (because when the babe is sick, she wants to be attached to you All The Time, poor sweetie), so my sister told me that if i wanted to stay at the zoo for awhile, i could. 

oddly enough, my older niece seems to equate the zoo with playing on the jungle gym in the children's area, so that's what we spent most of our visit doing… which in some ways was a lot easier than how it could have gone down, i suppose. we did feed the goats (again, in the children's area), and i have to say, that was a pretty positive experience all things considered–most of the goats didn't even really care that much about the food; they were happy to just stand and get loves, and we were happy to oblige. we spent a bunch of time with them.

anyhow, i'll spare you the blah blah about visiting the zoo as a vegan who is also trying to make a nearly-4-year-old happy in a spur-of-the-moment kind of situation, but i'll skip to the part where (because it was spur-of-the-moment) we hadn't packed lunches, and so i had to buy her lunch. she's vegetarian, so she was very concerned about being able to get lunch without meat, but we ended up tracking down a grilled cheese sandwich and some apple juice. she really wanted ice cream, too, which i ended up telling her she could have if she did a good job with her sandwich. i hoped that my ice cream options would include some sort of sorbet, but alas, ice cream only. i got her a "half-single-scoop" of rainbow sherbet and called it a day.

i think this is the first time i've purposely bought animal products in a really long time. i felt bad about it, and i would have definitely bought her vegan stuff if i could have, but there were No Options and i didn't want her to starve and i was trying to be a helpful sister by keeping her entertained for some extra time, blah blah blah blah blah. 

this i vow: next time i shall be more prepared.

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