rearranging furniture

when i was a kid, i used to rearrange my bedroom about three or four times per year. i LOVED figuring out new ways to position all of my furniture. once i grew up and had my own apartment, i totally stopped doing that, except for the random "let's angle this chair over here and see if we like it" whim. 

i miss rearranging stuff!

so, i've decided to rearrange my office at school. i've come to the conclusion that the only thing i use one of my desks (an enormous L-shaped desk, no less) for is to put things in the five drawers, and to stack shit all over it. seriously. i've been in this office for eight years, and i don't think i have ever sat at that desk to do work. not ever. hence, it's taking up too much room and i'd like to get rid of it. surely i can find a more efficient way to store the crap, and get that space back, right? maybe remove the massive desk and bring in one extra file cabinet, or bookshelf, instead? 

i've been jokingly threatening to put a cot in my office for several years, until it hit me about a month ago that it would be way smarter to bring in a futon. that way it masquerades as seating for students, but i can kick back and take a nap on it too. no one will be the wiser! awesome! so, desk out; one file cabinet and one futon in. sounds good, right?

i also managed to score a super-fantastic chair that just showed up in the hallway one day. it's probably from the 1960s or 1970s, with a wooden frame and tweed upholstery, and i just love the shape of it. it's pretty comfortable, too. i want it to be the new "student chair," because mine is super-lame and this one is way retro and i kind of love it. my only concern is the 40-year-old upholstery. there's got to be some grossness up in there, right? what's my best bet on cleaning something that can't be rinsed?

i shouldn't be getting too ahead of myself, though, because first i need to edit my stuff like there's no tomorrow. eight years is a long time when it comes to accumulating papers, and i'm a pro. i have to go through everything, organize it, and figure out the best way to store it. (and hopefully, shred and/or recycle a great deal of it.) i made a big dent a few weeks ago, but then stalled. i need to get back at it so i can get to the fun part of rearranging. 

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