reliving my youth

when i was little, i got to see a parade that involved a whole bunch of the happy days cast. it was awesome. i remember that it was crowded, and that the cars were going so slow that i was able to approach a few of them and shake hands. i got to touch scott baio, and that pretty much made my year at the time. (i won't bother getting into my feelings about him now.)

today i got the opportunity to relive a bit of that parade, because a bunch of the happy days cast were in town again, plus cindy williams and penny marshall (and garry marshall to boot). whee! i'll spare you the hilarious details, but let's just say that instead of a parade, they should have called it a motorcade. or perhaps a "line of cars driving down wisconsin avenue rather quickly." holy cow, i want to poke each of those drivers in the eye, it was so redonk. but! i won't dwell on that. instead i'll just be excited that i saw the adorable henry winkler, smiling from ear to ear, waving like the sweetest man on earth. plus tom bosley, marion ross, erin moran, donnie most, penny marshall, cindy williams, anson williams, and yay yay yay! everyone was so cute and smiley and wavey. 

stoopid drivers of the stoopid cars. i hope they all had fun at the baseball game they were en route to. hmph. stay tuned for my SUPER awesome pictures on flickr. 


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