peanut butter

the question is simple: what is your favorite peanut butter? i am specifically interested in no-stir varieties, but other than that i'm not fussy. we've been getting maranatha no-stir for quite awhile now, but the last few jars we've bought have been oddly soupy (for no-stir) and i'm vaguely frustrated by that. 

today i bought some whole foods 365 organic something or other, and we'll give that a shot to see what we think. i believe it's the one that used to be the "whole kids" variety, which they stopped making (but merely re-labeled), but i'm not totally sure about that. it's what i was hoping to get, but there were like six different kinds of 365 peanut butter (no salt! unsweetened! red label! blue label!), so i can't be positive.

i used to be a die-hard jif girl; seriously, from birth. i'm pretty proud of myself for successfully switching to a more natural brand, but i really really really want non-soupy no-stir. creamy or crunchy, makes no difference to me. peanut butter is an absolute staple in this house, so i'd love any input if you've got it!


  1. i used to be a die-hard jif girl too! nothing less for my pb cookies, especially!
    and then i switched to organic oily, stir peanut butter. i wasn’t sure what to make of the lack of super sweetness, but eventually i grew to absolutely love it. i love it better than jif. the brand i switched over with was kettle, but mostly sadly they no longer make peanut butter. so now i use sprouts house brand organic pb. and i have to stir it. BUT once i stir it and then toss it in the frige, it’s all good.
    i tried the marantha whatever, no stir for a apple peanut butter caramel bar recipe (v-con? joy of baking?). in the recipe it was fine, but then i had to use the rest of it up, and i just didn’t like it as much as the stir-kind.
    and i’ll tell you right, now, i never thought i would be *that* person.
    former jif-addict

  2. we generally buy the kirkland brand organic pb at costco. it’s cheap and good, but it is the stir kind.
    When we haven’t made it to Costco, we’ve tried some others. I’ve grown to really like the Safeway brand O organic peanut butter. It’s no stir (I think…) and pretty affordable. We’ve also tried the Smart Balance peanut butter with flax oil added. it’s a no stir and quite good (plus, omegas!)

  3. thanks for the suggestions, everyone! i think one of the reasons i’m stubborn/reluctant to go the stir route is because i don’t store my peanut butter in the fridge. it seems like it would get too stiff that way, and tear the bread. i’ve always stored mine in the cabinet. i’m working through my last jar of the maranatha in my cupboard, and it’s soupy like all of the recent ones have been. argh! after that i’ll get into the 365 jar, and we’ll see how that goes. if no one else has a good no-stir to recommend, i might have to try this refrigerator thing.[/skeptical]

  4. the pb in the fridge does eventually dry out a little after months in there…but i don’t usually have trouble with the bread tearing even when that happens. and it dries out quicker, er, if you spill out too much oil while stirring. i bet it would be easy enough to just add more peanut oil if it did get too dried out, so that it would be at the right consistency.

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