cleaning house, DVR-style

our DVR (also known as my very good teevy friend) has been acting really annoying lately, so we're having someone come out to look at it tomorrow. i have a feeling we're going to end up with a brand new box before the technician leaves our house, which has thrown me into a bit of a panic, because it means i have to watch (and/or make peace with "losing") everything on my DVR. now, truth be told, the vast majority of what's left on there at the moment are episodes of things i've already seen, but just wanted to save for posterity so i could watch them again if the spirit moved me (e.g., the series finale of the OC, and the series finale of veronica mars, may they rest in peace). i also have the last several episodes of angel, season 5, just because i wanted to watch them again now that i know what's coming. 

but i also have the HBO documentary i am an animal (the story of ingrid newkirk), which i have been "saving" since november because i always lead myself to believe that my husband might want to watch these things with me, but then of course he really doesn't, so i just sit around not watching things forever and ever, and now i need to sit down and watch it before my box gets taken away. i got started on it earlier today, and it's pretty interesting, but i still have a fair bit to go. so that will be the first thing i get going on tomorrow. 

i have to admit, teevy-watching as an important item on the to-do list is kind of awesome. 


  1. oh, sorry, i could have worded that better! i just meant that now that i’ve watched all 5 seasons of angel, i was randomly recording some episodes again to rewatch (e.g., all of the doyle episodes, the i will remember you episode, and so on), and i still had the tail end of season 5 on my DVR, waiting for the re-watch. 🙂 nothing exciting coming up that i know of! well, except for dollhouse, of course, but that’s just angel-adjacent.

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