i am an animal

so, i got around to watching the ingrid newkirk documentary today, under pressure of getting my DVR taken away. i have to say, i found it quite interesting. i know i'm nine months late in reporting in on this, since it originally aired last november, but we've already established that i tend to put off watching things like this. 

anyhow, it was an interesting look at ingrid's perspective on things, although i've heard that she wasn't entirely pleased with the editing and/or her overall portrayal, so i'm not sure how accurate the whole thing was. she does come off as a bit of a kook in spots, but i think in general she just seems rather passionate about what she believes in. there were also several segments featuring alex pacheco, who co-founded the organization with ingrid, but left PeTA in 1999. he seems less than pleased with the direction she has gone.

one of the stand-out moments for me was when ingrid said, and i quote:

we've had to change our style, because we're desperate to catch people's attention. i regret it. but if you switch on the nightly news, everything is reduced to the tiniest soundbite. […] i think it's an act of desperation that we must use or there will be silence…

people (myself included, sometimes) like to dig at PeTA for their tactics, and i was interested to hear what her take was on them, straight from her mouth. i found the "i regret it" statement to be rather poignant. she always seems to take the "any publicity is good publicity" route, which i understand to a point (but i think they muck it up quite often), but the way she talked about it during the clip containing the above quote, it made me feel sad along with her, rather than irritated at her, if that makes sense. she sounded disappointed in having to go this direction, but as if she feels it's the only way to "make the news" and make people aware that there's even an AR movement out there. i don't know if that's a sad statement about our society in general, or about PeTA's tactics, or both, but there it is.

in other news, i decided to sacrifice the angel episodes since they're still in constant reruns and if i'm patient i can record them again in a month or so. i did have time re-watch the series finale of the OC (love!), and the musical episode of scrubs (awesome!). i was an hour and fifteen minutes into the 2-hour series finale of veronica mars (*sob*) when the cable guy showed up and stole our DVR. 

soooo, i wrote down the billion shows that were in our old series manager, and i'll be slowly adding those back in as they begin their fall seasons (or whatever), and at the moment my recorded shows folder is sitting at 0%. it actually feels a bit sick and wrong to see it like that.


  1. we just went through the same DVR swap. our old one wasn’t working properly (something something HDMI says the husb). we were rushing to watch everything so we could switch over. Luckily, we have a nifty stand alone storage device that we can move some of the shows we want to keep forever on to that (like a whole lot of mixed martial arts shows, joy).

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