vegan doritos

i remember quite awhile ago, there were rumors swirling about one flavor of doritos being vegan, but at first i think they were only available in canada (kind of like peppermint ritter sport, argh). so, i ignored these reports. then later, i remember someone saying they could get them in the states, so i very casually looked around the next time or two that i was at the grocery store. i never saw them, so i gave up and forgot about it again. 

lately, it seems like more people are talking about the vegan doritos, and so i decided that maybe they are more widely available, and i mentioned them to my husband. i said something like, "there are vegan doritos out there. i need to look up what flavor it is, so we can remember to look for them at the store." i looked them up, and said, "aha! spicy sweet chili!" and he said, "is there a picture so we know what the bag looks like?" heh. i clicked and showed him a picture (the bag is dark purple), and the next thing i know, my husband leaves the house and returns promptly with a bag of vegan doritos! score!

i tried them right away–my first doritos in over 4 years–and they're pretty good! they definitely have an interesting kick to them; spicy and sweet as the name suggests. i've really done a pretty good job of moving away from most major-brand-name processed junk food in my day-to-day life (with a few exceptions), but sometimes i just like to eat random crap. hee. vegan doritos are a good way to keep it real. i think my family is going to be really excited about having another easy grocery-store purchase to look for when they're having me over for snacktion, too. i'll have to send out a little family press release!


  1. These are so dangerous for me, as a Dorito addict in a lifelong recovery process… I can easily eat a whole bag without thinking. *sigh*
    Also look for accidentally-vegan Krunchers in (somethingsomething)”Salsa” flavor. :drool:

  2. it’s so funny you mention this. it’s a small world for us vegans. i was at my sister’s house not that long ago and saw her spicy sweet chilli flavored doritos sitting there. i hadn’t had doritos in eons because they always add random animal ingredients to their chips. but i used to be a BIG fan. most favorite chips ever, doritos cool ranch. anyway, while not expecting them to be vegan, and somehow garnering an optimistic view, i was shittified to see that they were vegan. much scarfing ensued.

  3. OMG! Me and B grabbed a bag of these last week almost on accident. He just grabbed em, read the ingredients and was like ‘hey! these are veg!’
    THEY WERE GONE THAT NIGHT! I haven’t bought them again because they were so good I know we’ll mow through them that quick!!

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