product annoyance of the day

first, it was hemp organics. then, it was alba's hawaaian line. now, it's missing link. grrrr to all of you. grrrr i say!

we've been giving maia missing link omega supplements for almost her entire three months with us, because greyhound parents are easily excited about things that help out with skin and coat. greyhounds don't have a lot of hair, and it's somewhat common for them to lose it around the rear end (baboon-butt, as i call it), and blah blah blah greyhound people pay a lot of attention to coat. anyhow, thanks to VRF i learned about missing link's flaxseed supplement, and after a bad experiment with flax oil (which led to smelly results), we tried the missing link and had pretty good luck. 

well, the other day i was trying to order some vitamins from vegan essentials (the quintabs are finally back!), and it occurred to me that i should probably order a replacement bag of the missing link stuff, because we were working our way toward the bottom of the bag. well, i couldn't find it anywhere on the website, which was totally confusing, so i emailed them about it. the reply i got was bad news: the company has started adding a dairy ingredient to the vegetarian formula, so it's no longer vegan. ARGH! why why whyyyyy do companies do stuff like this?! hatery.

i'm tempted to buy up "old" bags online, but i can't trust the ingredients lists during this time of transition. sigh. back to square one!

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