vegan princess cake

i got the job as the cake-baker for my niece's 4th birthday party this saturday, and she likes princesses and tinkerbell (of course). i was thinking about embellishing with those crazy-sugary decorations if i can find them, because my decorating prowess starts and ends at chocolate chip polka dots. heh. does anyone know offhand if those things are vegan? you know what i'm talking about, right… those solid-sugar decorating thingies? i'm sure i'll figure something else out, otherwise. i'm just excited to be able to eat the birthday cake. woo hoo!



  1. You could use plastic toys and things like that from the dollar store to decorate, letting less temptation go to the child who wants to eat the solid piece of sugar decoration! hahaha
    Little princess rings and braceletts, a tiara, and maybe a little princess coll, standing upright, stuck into the cake. Then wash them off and hand the toys out after.

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