little vegan flashback

okay, let me begin by saying that i know i'm a total dork.

so, tonight i actually made some inroads on the office-cleaning project (yay!) and in the process, i ended up weeding through some attendance sheets, syllabi, and so on from semesters past. at one point i was pulling attendance sheets from the fall 2004 semester out of the pile (to throw in the recycling bin), when i suddenly remembered that i was looking at my "vegan semester"–i went vegan in october of 2004. like a nerd, i scanned through to find an attendance sheet near my vegan birthdate (october 13), and found one from october 12. i looked at it for a little while, realizing that i was already neck-deep in vegan research by that point, and i was about to go on a trip to north carolina, and i must have been right on the cusp that very day. crazy, isn't it? i sat there wondering what it felt like on that day, because now it's been just about 4 years and it's all a bit fuzzy. i read all the names on my roster, and remembered when i "came out" to that class, and how cool and interested several of them were. it made me feel a bit nostalgic, as silly as that probably sounds. 2004 was a big year for me for a bunch of different reasons, but going vegan in particular was a huge turning point. it was fun to revisit it in a somewhat tangible way.

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  1. That doesn’t sound silly at all. A memento can trigger all kinds of memories, and possibly introspection. And as you point out becoming vegan is a major turning point for most people.
    The other day, I was also doing some cleaning, and I came across a grocery receipt from 1999. I was not only pre-vegan, but pre-interested in animals, period. It’s funny how the items on that list partly defined who I was then. I wondered how the 2008 “me” would advocate to the 1999 “me.” Would the 1999 “me” resist with lame defenses?

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