guacamole tragedy

i'm pretty sure i ate guacamole tonight that was thoroughly mixed with sour cream. something was just 'off' about it, andi'm thinking that was it. bleah. what about the good ol' days, when guacamole was just a bunch of avocado with maybe some onion and some salt and whatever? do i really have to ask about how the guacamole is made at restaurants? 



  1. thats kinda dumb to put sour cream with the guacamole. and maybe just a bit annoying. why would anyone do that anyway? avocados are marvelous on their own they dont need sour cream.

  2. yeah, unfortunately you do have to ask. restaurants thin guacamole with sour cream all the time because sour cream is cheaper than avocados even though it’s just wrong to adulterate it in that way. 😦

  3. I used to work at a very cheap un-authentic (but tasty!) local Mexican food chain that put mayo in the guac instead of the sour cream that is sometimes added. my brother, who worked at a higher class Mexican food chain, was scandlized!

  4. Ugh, I feel like this has happened to me in the past. Im normally pretty good at asking, but sometimes people get really defensive ‘nooo, of course not, what are you talking about,’ or so on. Its not my fault some restaurants are butchering true guac.

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