the things we do for our grandparents

so today i took my grandma to the oncology center to get blood drawn, because my grandpa was feeling icky and my mom didn't think he should be driving my gram around. fair enough. i headed over to pick her up, and he helped me get her in the car, and i took it from there. aside from it raining Absolutely All Day, everything went off without a hitch. while we were making small talk in the waiting room of the oncology center, my grandma was telling me about getting dinner ready for tonight, and she made an offhand comment along the lines of, "now tonight i have a small beef roast ready, well, if it thaws in time." feeling sad about the idea of my grandparents skipping dinner, i asked her if she ever uses her microwave for thawing. she didn't know you could do that (and, as a million-year vegetarian, i have to say i've never done it myself), and i told her that i was relatively certain that her microwave had a setting for that. she thought that sounded like a pretty good idea, so i told her i'd check it out when i took her home.

(in the meantime, she told me a cute story about one of her friends who had just gotten a microwave for the first time–as a gift–and thought it was ridiculous. my gram was totally funny, talking about how 'old people' have a hard time with new stuff like that. hee!)

when we got back to her house, i wandered over and pointed out the "accuthaw" button on her microwave, and showed her the instructions for how to use it. she was all, "great! let's put it in now!" and i was all, "oh goody," because that meant i suddenly had a big ol' slab of raw meat on a plate in my hands. yay. but my grandma is cute, y'all, so i held my breath and put the plate in the microwave, and helped her with the settings. 

at one point during the defrosting period the microwave beeped at us a few times, so i jumped up to read the display, which told us to "turn over and cover edge." um, okay. my inner dialogue was very much ew ew ew ew ew ew i don't wanna touch it ew ew, but instead i took the plate out of the microwave, walked it across the room to my grandpa, and said, "it says we're supposed to turn it over." heh. so, he took care of it for me and then i walked the plate back over to the microwave. eventually it was all done, and i put it on the counter for them to deal with later. bleah. at least i was a good grandkid, right?

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