mac nerdery

okay, i asked around on VRF and haven't gotten any nibbles, so i'm going to expand outward and ask my blogosphere. i know some of you are fellow nerds (mac, academic, or possibly both!) and i thought you might have some advice. in the interest of not trying to paraphrase myself, i'm just going to post the same stuff i did at VRF. here goes!

soooo, i'm trying to decide on bibliographic software, because i'm using pages more than word these days (now that i've switched from PC to mac at work and home). i have been using endnote since 1999 or so, but it doesn't work with pages, so i'm looking for something else that will work with BOTH pages and word, if possible. i like to keep my bases covered.

does anyone have experience with either sente or bookends? i'm doing all APA style stuff, and i never need pubmed so i don't give a fig about all of the "search pubmed with ease!" stuff. 

the only thing that is bumming me out is that i got VERY used to the "cite while you write" feature in endnote, and no one else does that. but once i get over that, i just need to figure out what will work nicest for me. so far i've downloaded a trial of all three (endnote for mac, sente, and bookends), but i haven't gotten to play with them all that much yet. at the moment i THINK i like bookends the best, but i thought i'd ask out loud in case anyone here had some thoughts. 

…also forgot to say that right now you can get bookends for half-price, plus like 8 other programs as a free bonus:

so that's tempting in itself, because i'd also be getting a different word processor (mellel) for free, and some other stuff, like macjournal (and i had just been thinking about getting journaling software). 

so that's kind of an announcement, in case anyone else might be interested in that bundle… and also a question, as in, does anyone have feedback about any of those programs?



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