ethiopian food

after many years of being told that i would love ethiopian food, i finally got to try some today. we had our vegan meetup at a new-ish ethiopian restaurant in town, and about 22 people showed up to partake. i sat at a table of five, and we ordered what basically amounted to a vegan sampler–seven different dishes spooned onto one gigantic piece of injera. only one of the five of us had tried ethiopian food before, so it was definitely an experiment, but i'd call it a success. we all liked it a lot! my favorite things were the stews that involved lentils, split peas, carrots, and/or potatoes. i'm not so much a fan of cabbage, so when i go back i'll probably avoid the cabbage-y stuff. 

i was a bit nervous about trying the injera, because my dear friend anne has a very descriptive (and not necessarily flattering) name for it, but i have to say, it was pretty good! once you get past the unexpected color (grey!) and interesting texture (somewhat spongy), it really kind of seemed like a gigantic rolled-out crumpet. and i like crumpets, so there you have it. and i loooove dipping bread into stews and soups, so ethiopian is pretty much right up my alley. 

i'm very proud of myself, in case you hadn't noticed. i've come SUCH a long way since going vegan–it has made me so much more adventurous when trying new foods, and i'm almost never disappointed. yay!


  1. I was there! I believe you are talking about the mke meet-up group? It was my first time at this group. I also was really weary of the injera, but it was so good. My table as well got the sample platter, everything was so delicious. I didnt realize it would be so filling.

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