runaround party

ethiopian food wasn't my only adventure yesterday, no sir! we also went to our second greyhound playdate–the first since we've adopted maia. there were 13 dogs there at one point (some people came late and/or left early, so the number of dogs fluctuated a bit), and it was quite a time. when we arrived there were already quite a few dogs there, and they all descended on maia as soon as we walked in. she was a little intimidated, with her ears snuggled to her head and her tail snuggled to her butt, looking at us as if to say, is this normal? hee, poor girl. but she acclimated quickly and sniffed some butts of her own, and then she was off to the races (so to speak). 

the dogs all started off wearing muzzles, and maia isn't used to wearing hers anymore (they always wear them when they're around other dogs at the track/kennels), so she was less than thrilled with us about that, but she dealt with it. mainly by goosing people really hard in the rear in an attempt to bounce it off. heh.

she was a very good girl, making friends and being silly, and i have to say i was really surprised to see her continually outrunning an entire pack of dogs. she was retired after only two races because she did so poorly, but you never would have known that last night! once people started throwing a squeaker ball, she was beating everyone to it by a half a length. it was wild. eventually, as the dogs settled down, the muzzles came off, and then she REALLY made a point of getting to the ball first. it was hilarious; almost every time we'd watch the pack of dogs run to get the ball, and maia would come up with it. such a goof. so much for our losing-racer-vegan-dog-with-a-heart-murmur! 

we also got to stand around and chat with the other "parents" there, which was nice. we hilariously learned that millie (the dog i was talking about in my last post) has some of maia's same habits, like holding her pee/poo for a billion hours on end if she feels like it. that made me a little less freaked out, which was nice. i also got critiqued on my nail-trimming skadillz and got a good review. whew! there will be another playdate (or runaround party, as my husband called it last night) in december, and i'm sure if maia had her druthers, we wouldn't miss it. 

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