two chocolate updates

if you're a longtime reader (*waves to all two of you*), you already know that i love me some chocolate. when i first went vegan, i had a horrible habit of constantly buying chocolate bars when i learned they were vegan, as if i were involved in conducting some kind of high-level research on the subject. i still do that sometimes. i can't help it! anyhow, i have two tidbits to share, in case others are interested in such things.

first, last week i tried the boom choco boom ricemilk chocolate bar by enjoy life. i did so with great trepidation, because the only other product i'd tried by enjoy life was their chocolate brownie cookie bite things, and they taste like sand. seriously, full-on, sandy gritty sand. but i'd heard these bars weren't bad, so i went ahead and bought one. it was actually quite good! it's nice to have other "milk" chocolate options, even though i generally prefer dark chocolate–it's a fun change of pace sometimes. one day i'll have to get all of the vegan milk chocolate bars and do a head-to-head tasting. anyhow, give it a shot if you see them in the store; they're pretty good.

second, and more troubling: tropical source has changed their recipe for their chocolate chips. i didn't realize this until after i'd opened the bag and tossed a handful into my mouth, which was an unfortunate method of learning about it. i noticed the difference immediately; they definitely don't taste the same. i wouldn't whine and cry about it, except that they were sooooooo goooooood before. *pouts* when i looked at the bag, i noticed that it now proclaims "NEW Rich Chocolate Taste!" pffft. let's just put it this way: if i wanted to eat ghirardelli chocolate chips, i would have saved myself $2 and bought them in the first place. but i didn't: i wanted to eat the million-dollar tropical source chips of supreme deliciousness. oh well, at least now i know i don't necessarily need to bother. (that's not to say that i don't like the ghirardelli chips; i do, it's just that they taste rather different, and i have had a preference. oh wells.)

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