vegan outreach is coming to town

i've been kind of a protest-hermit lately, and i was even a bit apathetic about doing the farm sanctuary walk this year (although i got over it). i'm not exactly sure what my problem is. perhaps i'm just feeling like hibernating because of the sabbatical? i feel out of place at protests; i've talked about that before, but this feels "bigger" than just that somehow. i don't know.

anyway, i just learned that vegan outreach (please see my sidebar if you're unfamiliar) is coming to my campus on friday, and i have the chance to leaflet with them. i've never leafletted before, but i really like vegan outreach, and i think they have the bestest leaflets around. i'm very tempted to go and help them out, even though i'm nervous.


  1. Leafleting is often really easy. You’ll be leafleting in a situation that is one of the easy ones. You’ll be using literature that you like, which will give you confidence. You’ll be leafleting to people who are more receptive than the general public, which is more fun. And you’ll be leafleting with others, who have done it before, so you don’t need to feel like you have to figure out how it is done beforehand.
    But mostly, it is just smiling and saying “would you like some information” or some fairly quick phrase of your choice. Almost always when people don’t take the information, they’re nice about it. Or they just ignore you. A lot of people take the information and thank you for it.
    Only once in a while do people come back and engage in conversation.
    Good for you for getting out and leafleting! Or at least thinking about it. 🙂
    And you know, if you don’t end up leafleting or if you aren’t really comfortable with the leafleting, think about tabling at some festival or whatever appropriate event in the area. I have done both, and tabling is easier in a lot of ways. I think because I am interacting with people who are approaching me, I’m not having to approach them. Maybe that’s just me, but it is something to consider!

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