missed the boat

so, somehow or other, signals got crossed and i never found out what time vegan outreach would be on campus today. and then to make matters more challenging, my dear sweet husband let me sleep in today, and i didn't wake up until almost 12.30pm! at that point i checked my email, and learned that a friend had gone to meet VO over her lunch hour, about 30 minutes before. sigh. i feel like a schmuck, but i tried, i honestly did! i just never got an email back telling me when/where to show up. there's always next time, right? and besides, our campus AR group (of which i am faculty advisor) prefers the VO pamphlets to everyone else's, and we'll be placing an order soon… so i guess we could always do this on our own sometime. still, i feel like a butt.



  1. Well, this could have a positive outcome. You mentioned that you could do leafleting on your own, perhaps with a friend or two, and if you do that, the number of leaflets distributed might be even higher than had you joined in with the “official” VO event. VO won’t mind. 🙂
    I agree with the the other comments, in the first VO post, about leafleting. You convey a very positive and honest vibe, so you may be stellar at leafleting.

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