FYH cream cheese

so, vegan gourmet (aka follow your heart, or is it the other way around?) has come out with a new cream cheese. i was really excited about this development, because i adore vegenaise, and FYH is generally our cheese of choice around these parts. i've been keeping an eye out for it, and also the rumored new sour cream, but hadn't seen it anywhere until last week. i stumbled across a container of the cream cheese at our local teensy co-op, of all places, and snatched it up. i'd been meaning to try it in a head-to-head taste test with our usual tofutti, but kept forgetting.

the other night, i had a weird craving for bagels and cream cheese, so i took the FYH cream cheese along with a half-dozen bagels to a get-together with some friends. i also bought some new peanut butter, but i'll save that for another post, because i have much to say. anyscoot, i was more excited about the peanut butter than the cream cheese when it came right down to it, so i didn't try the cream cheese until pretty late at night. i tasted a bit straight-up, and sadly, i wasn't impressed. i put some on a bit of bread, and it was better, but not by very much. i'm bummed. i had very high hopes!

i will give it another try in its properly-refrigerated state, and i will do it in head-to-head taste-test fashion, but if it doesn't do it for me i'm just turning it into dip and sticking with ye olde tried 'n true tofutti. has anyone else tried it (or the new sour cream)? opinions?


  1. We tried both. The cream cheese we liked alright, though not enough to make me go hunting for it again (Tofutti’s much easier to find). I liked the texture of the sour cream better than Tofutti’s, but the taste was just off and left a bit of almost a bitter aftertaste. Not a fan. We’ll stick with Tofutti for that one, definitely.

  2. the company is named follow your heart (I know this because I added them to our database last year). now that I have that geeky clarification out of the way, I can respond about their products :p
    we have tried both the cream cheese and the sour cream. I prefer them both to tofutti’s offerings. I thought the cream cheese was perfect and the husb and I ate a whole container of it in one sitting (I don’t recommend that; the gluttony made me feel gross). The sour cream is missing the weird taste I don’t like in tofutti. I think the ingredients are healthier, too. So, yeah, a win for us. HowEVER, I have not tried the cream cheese on a bagel, but the girl likes it that way.

  3. megan–thanks for the heads up! i’ll keep that in mind if i continue my taste-testing adventure. 🙂
    gladcow–now i feel like a weirdo for not really liking it, if you guys totally gobbled it up! i still haven’t tried it again in its properly chilled form, but i hope to do that soon. how did you and gladbull eat that whole container if not on bagels?

  4. you don’t have to like it just because I eated it all!
    we ate it with tamari rice crackers while watching teevee before bed. I do not recommend that, but I do recommend it with rice crackers :p

  5. i think i’m in the minority, but i don’t like the fyh cheeses. have not tried the cream cheeses though, but like the tofutti well enough not to bother. i don’t eat it plain, it goes in things. i never liked real cream cheese plain either. ::shrugs::

  6. okay, i didn’t get a chance to try it again straight before h-dawg turned it into our favorite dip this afternoon. verdict? still icky. the dip just tasted “off,” and i have always said that i would eat rocks and sticks if i could eat them with that dip. sigh. oh well, at least there’s still tofutti! 🙂
    phoe–i never eat the FYH cheeses straight, but i do enjoy them grated on pizza, nachos, and meatbalternative subs. 🙂

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