unexpected leather bits

i hate it when i find something cute/fun/neato, and then realize there's a scrap of leather on it somewhere. seriously, that's so annoying. like, let's say i see a really cute messenger bag, and then i suddenly realize that the trim on the zipper pull on the side pocket is leather. which makes the bag approximately 1% not vegan, which makes me approximately 100% unlikely to buy it. So Annoying! 

i was reminded of this occasional annoyance while i was browsing swanky veg earlier, because they posted some eco-jeans from levis. i've always been a gap girl, so i have never actually worn a pair of levis, but i took a peek at the pair in the middle because they seemed pretty cute. when i was looking at the detail shots, i noticed-slash-remembered the rectangular leather patch on the back of the waistband. argh! now, i know that in some cases, those patches aren't actually leather; they're like crazy-strong cardboard or some nonsense. but does anyone know about the eco-jeans from levis? or maybe just about levis in general? is that a leather tag, or just a good facsimile?

{{also, in case you see this, fine writer(s) of swanky veg: i tried to post a question about the leather(?) tag in the comments for that entry, but it kept denying my comment and telling me i "can't do math." last i checked, 8 + 1 = 9, but it told me i was wrong when i said "9" and also when i said "nine" so i don't know what i'm doing wrong. i fail commenting, i guess! i also couldn't email you from your site to tell you about this, because the display of the security image wouldn't show up. ha! i fail at everything. but at least it gave me a blog topic for today, so yay for that!}}


  1. This is Ali from Swanky Veg and you can bet I’ll look into it. Tiny leather bits are very frustrating. And on products like jeans, they don’t tend to give specifics.
    I’ll look into the commenting thing. Not sure why that’s happening…

  2. Thanks for the info comment/contact trouble info. This had been resolved a while ago but it appears that a plug-in update and/or a WordPress update re-activated the trouble. Bah!
    The troubles have been resolved so drop on by and leave a comment for the community and our founder and hostess.

  3. Happy news. I just talked to the Levis company and they do not use any leather for their labels on the backs of any of their jeans. So go organic cotton with Levis with no worry about accidentally buying leather. It’s more of a papery product.
    Thanks for checking in:)

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