happiness is a vegan muffin

this morning we took maia to a farmers market about 20 minutes from our house. well, it's 20 minutes away in theory, but today we ran into a massive obstacle not once, but twice, when we tried to drive through the route of some big fun run or summat. in other words: we ended up taking the super-long way there, but we made it eventually.

there were loads of dogs there, and maia got to meet a whole bunch of them. everyone was very nice, and maia had a good time, i think. we were asked several times if she was a whippet or a greyhound, and we overheard a bunch of different kids exclaim, "oooh, look at THAT one!" to their parents. we also heard one kid say, "look at that really skinny one," and another say, "look at that really weird one." hey! anyhow, in addition to meeting a bunch of dogs, she also met a lot of kids and adults, and she ate up the attention, as usual.

but the best part, for me, was being able to wander up to a gigantic table of bakery and order anything i wanted. i was in the mood for a muffin, and today's options were blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, and apple pecan. i ordered the apple pecan without hesitation, and it was delicious. gigantic, moist, lovely sugary top, yum. a vegan muffin as i strolled through a park on a saturday morning. does it get any better?

after we were done perusing the market and wandering the lakeshore, we ran a couple of dog-related errands, and in the process we happened to bump into a greyhound group doing a meet 'n greet at a local store. it wasn't "our" group, which is why it was a surprise, and we got quite a kick out of it. so maia got to hang out with a pile of greyhounds for a little while–such an adventurous day for her! it probably goes without saying that as soon as we got her home, she crashed and slept for 7 hours.

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