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i just need to rant about how stupid is. i mean, seriously, it's just a ridiculous nightmare. all they want to do is charge everyone in the world so we can learn such tantalizing details as who clicked on our name last week. argh. i always delete my emails from classmates, because they annoy me, and usually they're just random junk-mail-type messages, but a couple of days ago, they told me that someone had tried to get in touch with me. of course, they just said "matthew j.," which is terribly nondescript, and i have like 4 schools listed on my profile, one of which is a university with nearly 30,000 students, so… anyway, i couldn't think of anyone named "matthew j." from high school, and it was driving me bonkers so i even went to get one of my yearbooks and scanned the index. nothing.

yesterday i had a funny thought occur to me, which was: what if it's matthew from elementary school? i had the hugest mondo crazy crush on him, good lord. he was blonde with blue eyes and he was a year ahead of me and i was an ugly duckling and i loved him. hee! i was such a dork! anyway, i giggled at that memory and immediately forgot about it. 

then tonight, for some totally unrelated reason that i can't even remember right now, i ended up clicking on a classmates link (oh! i remember why now! i googled myself. bwah!), and i was already logged in, mysteriously. so i was looking at my own profile page, which is terribly sparse, and i updated my "pets" section to include a dog, and i chose a type of music that i liked, and i posted a picture of myself, and then i started poking around in the other areas of the site. i was constantly bumped to the "great! give us $30 and you can read that stuff!" page, and i was constantly rolling my eyes and hitting the back button. anyscoot, at one point i noticed a tab that said i had messages, and when i clicked on that, sure enough, there was a message in there from the other day, and guess who it was from? matthew from elementary school. HA! of course, i can't read the message, because i haven't given them $30, oh please give me a break. 

i decided to send him a message "back" (even though i hadn't been able to read his), and i told him that i hadn't paid for classmates but that he could email me directly if he wanted to, and i gave him my email address. then, after i sent it, you'll never guess what. i was bumped to the "give us a million dollars" page and it told me that i should give them some money so that matthew can read the message i just sent him. LAME.

so i tried googling him, and all i found was an article that says where he works. i don't think i'll be stalking him there just to have a funny "hey! we went to grade school together! you were surprisingly awesome to me even though i was a huge dork!" conversation, so i guess i'll just wait around and see what happens. if he googles me (now that he knows my new last name) he'll definitely find my email address easy-peasy, so maybe that will happen. in any case: too funny! and is annoying.

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