let me tell you what i did this evening. i went to a brand new gelato shop, a few blocks away from my sister's house. she vetted it for me on her debut visit yesterday, and found out that about half of their flavors are vegan(!!!) and then dangled this important fact in front of my face this afternoon. so, of course i followed her home, watched her family eat dinner, and then we all walked to the gelato shop. awesome!

they just opened up last week, but if i have anything to say about it that place will be flooded with vegans from here on out. when we walked in, i was greeted with 24 flavors of gelato, 13 of which (INCLUDING THE CHOCOLATE) were vegan. omg! squeee! other exciting exclamations!! i tried four flavors (chocolate, lime, banana, and watermelon) and they were all extremely creamy and delicious. i ended up with a half-chocolate, half-lime bowl, which was a bit of a risk, but i loved it. yum, yum, yum. if only the shop were in my neighborhood instead of my sister's… i'd be gaining 10 pounds by christmas.

One comment

  1. “watched her family eat dinner”
    we have a little gelato shop in town with a variety of vegan options, but no vegan chocolate!

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