blending in

last night we went to a greyhound event that was near our house, at a frozen custard stand. it was basically just a chance for people to come socialize with their greys, and maybe grab some dinner/dessert while we congregated in the parking lot. we decided to go because: (a) the location was really close to our house, and (b) we're still really new to the group, and we thought it would be a nice way to meet more people and dogs. i was a little nervous about blending in, because i've seen pictures of previous events like this one, and it seemed like everyone was eating custard and feeding their dogs custard, and i was worried that i would stand out. i've kept my veganism on the down-low from the greyhound group, mostly because i haven't wanted to be the focus of a bunch of what are you feeding maia? questions. well, and also because i haven't wanted to get into the debate about racing stuff. 

anyhow, i was a little nervous, but i decided if i felt too weird i'd just go the french fries or onion rings route, and toss maia a fry instead of sharing custard with her. well, once we got there my fears totally evaporated (as they often do when i work myself up over something in advance). there were over 20 dogs there, with their people, and no one could have cared less about what i was or wasn't eating. heh, i'm such a dork. i ended up just drinking a root beer, and maia made do without eating anything, and we were just fine.

the worst part, though, was toward the end of the evening (we were there for about two hours), when a big red truck with slats in the back drove in. i had a fleeting thought that it looked like an animal transport truck (albeit a small one), when suddenly i heard mooing. it was so sad, standing there in the parking lot of an extremely popular burgers-and-frozen-custard joint, listening to these poor cows stuck in the back of a truck. it made my stomach hurt. the driver of the truck left it running, and then got out, slowly peered through the slats to check on each one, and then went inside to order and eat. at one point maia smelled the cows, so we did a lap around the parking lot so she could figure out where the scent was coming from, and as i got closer to the truck i had to stop myself from going right up to it. mostly, i was afraid of "getting in trouble," but also i was afraid the greyhound people would think i was a weirdo, and i was afraid my husband would get bummed at me if he saw. meh. i know there's nothing i could have really done for those poor cows, anyway, but it just makes me feel so frustrated and powerless when i'm in a situation like that.


  1. I’m identifying with this whole post. I, too, work myself up before events like that. I’m trying to learn to just relaaaaax.
    I had a sad cow encounter the other day. I was driving to work and ended up behind a truck that I thought was carrying horses. As I peered in through the slats, I noticed they were cows. It made me so impossibly sad, I ended up sobbing the whole way to work. For cows to be transported in the direction they were going, I have a feeling it wasn’t just a day trip for the cows, you know? ugh ugh ugh.

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