our first meet & greet

we took maia to a meet & greet at a petsmart today, in support of her greyhound group. there were four people and three dogs reprazentin' and it was an interesting experience. our town had a very busy day today–a big football game and a super-mega-big baseball game, both occurring at the same time as our meet & greet–but there was still a fair amount of foot traffic through the store. most people were really excited to meet the dogs, and the dogs were happy to be petted. 

maia was fantastic; extremely sweet and tolerant of everyone, including the aDORable puppy who stood up on his hind legs to put his front paws all over maia's face. she stood calmly like a champ–i think our cats have trained her well. she was also thoroughly inspected by two 6-month-old dachshund babies, and she just laid very still on the floor and let them sniff and step all over her. what a good girl! she continued her great streak with curious little kids, too–she is so patient and gentle with them, and she frequently wins over kids who are "afraid of dogs." i'm always really impressed with her when she gets into new situations like these and consistently proves herself; she's such a sweetheart. she also asked for belly rubs from many a stranger, and she wore the group's "donation jacket" because she's such an attention hound. she even made some bucks! by the time our two hours were up, she was totally whupped and just wanted to nap. you've just gotta love a lazy greyhound.


  1. bex, they really are chilled out, for the most part. if you have a kitty, i think you’re basically guaranteed to get a more mellow hound, because they’ll have a lower prey drive and will be more easily distracted. hee.

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