seven years of bad luck

i broke a mirror today. it happened during my shift at the humane society, because i was rushing due to feeling self-conscious. argh. earlier in my shift i had gotten a big drink of water and then reapplied my lip balm, but there were people trying to get in the doorway i was standing next to, so i hastily dropped my little pouch back in my purse, all quick-style, without even zipping it closed. i never do that. my cute little pouch has only a few things in it, but they are small and important so i like to keep them contained: a lip balm, a tinted lip balm (for when i'm feeling fancy), a small pocket mirror, two flash drives, and a ponytail holder.

anyhow, later in my shift i returned for another drink of water and another shot of lip balm, and when i grabbed my pouch i forgot that i hadn't zipped it, and POW! crap all over the floor. my mirror fell, face up, and shattered the most perfect shattering you've ever seen–straight outward from the center, like a million slices of pizza. and to perfect the image, one perfect isosceles shard popped out and sat on the floor next to the mirror. i was so bummed. i loved that little kitty mirror! and seven years bad luck! ugh. i had to throw the kitty in the trash (*sniff*) and just hope for the best. when i got home, i ordered a new mirror, but since i was in for bad luck anyway, i went with a darker theme and chose the (adorable) raven


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