tings: not just for peoples

i've already blabbed about my love of tings, but i recently learned that maia loves them too. awesome! one of her very favorite treats comes in a crinkly-sounding bag, so lately she has taken to trotting over with a hopeful look whenever a bag crinkles. this is amusing in itself, but even moreso because avery likes to run in whenever he hears maia's treat bag crinkling, because it sounds like his treat bag. so we've been giving avery treats for absolutely no reason, just because we were getting a training treat out for maia. avery thinks it rules. anyhow, i digress. 

the other day i went to get my bag of tings out of the cupboard, and maia heard the bag and came trotting in and then did her cute little greyhound-approximation-of-a-sit, complete with her paw lifted in the air. she looked so hopeful! i told her they were for me, and walked across the room. she followed and then showed me her best "lie down," again with the hopeful face. i finally caved and gave her one, and she loved it! i gave her two more (after she "earned" them with a sit or what-have-you), and had to cut her off. heh. for the record, avery likes them too, but the most he ever does is lick them. finley, who i swear is fueled only by sheer love and affection, doesn't care about them at all.

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