zensoy pudding

i really love zensoy chocolate pudding. anyone else? i used to eat jello fat-free pudding pretty often in the pregan days, so i was really excited when i found zensoy pudding shortly after going vegan. i liked it pretty much immediately, and nowadays i almost always have a 4-pack in the fridge. you know, for creamy chocolate emergencies. i've never tried the other flavors (mostly because i think i've only ever seen two flavors at the store, and chonklit is my fave), but hopefully they're all as tasty as the chocolate. plus: adorable panda on the box! what's not to love?



  1. Every single time I see the panda I want to buy the pudding! I’m glad to hear a positive review about it so I can buy it with some confidence. Thanks!

  2. I do love that pudding! We’ve been doing mostly homemade lately (cheaper, less packaging, can make sugar free or high protein!) but I stumbled across some Kozy Shack SOY pudding at the GrocOut this weekend and I snatched it right up. Alas, it has wheat, but the kids can eat it!

  3. i know, single-serve packaging is the pits, but truth be told, i buy a lot more yogurt than i do pudding, so i can’t allow myself to feel too guilty about the pudding in comparison. i like having a desserty-snack that i can take to school easily, but that keeps well for a long time… since, contrary to the way i portray myself, i don’t eat pudding every day. hee. it actually usually takes me quite awhile to get through a 4-pack. also, i’ve had really bad luck with making vegan pudding at home… it’s never firm enough. BUT i should also say that i haven’t tried a lot of times.

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