today i went to pick up some groceries, and i had a list and everything, but as i approached the store i remembered that i wanted to pick up some apples. our co-op has a really good relationship with a local orchard, so every fall the co-op gets bunches of apples from them, and today they had about five different varieties at 99 cents a pound. yay! unfortunately, none of those were honeycrisps, and those were the ones i was specifically thinking about getting, so i had to buy those at a higher rate. anyhow, my usual favorite apple is fuji. they're crisp and sweet, which are my two favorite things. i used to be a nothing-but-granny-smith girl, but then suddenly my tastes tOtally changed, and i couldn't stand the tartness of a granny smith apple. it was weird, but such is life. so now i've been a fuji girl for quite a long time, and i dally in honeycrisps when they come in season. 

but today, faced with the 99 cent per pound apples, i decided to be a little daring and pick up a couple more varieties after nabbing a couple of honeycrisps. in honor of my sister, i got one of her favorite–golden delicious–and then for no reason in particular, i also grabbed two cortlands. i have no idea what they even taste like; they just looked adorable and i grabbed them. here's hoping they don't suck!

in other random apple news: as much as i love apples, i much prefer to eat them sliced than as a hand fruit. i'll eat it out of my hand if i have to, but if i'm at home and i have a sharp knife, i always slice them. is that weird?


  1. if that’s weird, then i am too. i hate eating them off the core, but will if i have too. i much prefer sliced apples.
    i like the gala and the fuji. i used to be a red delicious girl all the way and then either my tastes changed or they started overbreeding them and messed with how they taste now…which is bland.

  2. I like apples. If I am at home, I eat them sliced. If I am at work, I eat them out of hand (I am a lazy dish washer at work). I prefer fujis, but we don’t get that kind in our CSA box very often. Lately we’ve been getting galas and cameos (and it looks like this week we’ll get some jonagolds, adventure!)

  3. I have to eat my apples sliced. Maybe that’s because I grew up eating apples from my grandparents’ orchard, and cutting was best to make sure there weren’t any wormies in them 🙂

  4. i’m so excited that bunches of you like sliced best too! whee, i feel normal! hee. i haven’t tried the cortlands yet… i ate the honeycrisps (since they were most expensive) and the random leftover fuji first. the cortlands are next on my list!

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