still here, still feeling like crap

thank you for all of the suggestions on what to eat! i think i am a freak of vegan nature, in that miso soup does nothing for me. don't tell! it's just basically "salt soup" to me, and i'm not much of a salt person. hee. but i loved a lot of the other suggestions! my husband actually surprised me with some moroccan chickpea soup this morning, which was awesome. he also got me a delicious vitamin C smooothie and a bean burrito, which i couldn't finish and saved for dinner. other than that i just had one of my honeycrisp apples (yum!) with a bit of peanut butter. i still feel like garbage, so i might end up trying some of those other suggestions tomorrow. gracias!


One comment

  1. I’m not generally a huge miso fan, but when I’m sick I feel like it is a healthy thing to eat. And, when my kids are barfy, it’s a way to get some gentle protein into them. 🙂
    hope you feel on the up and up soon! we’ve been going through the first of the school year colds and I’m ready for the kids to be all the way better (I’m still not sick *fingerscrossed*)

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