cakey surprise

my husband surprised me with food again today, after i slept for twelve straight hours(!) and still felt tired(!). he brought me some soup–a vegetable gumbo–and a chocolate banana smoothie. the soup was spicy and it seemed to help kick some of my congestion, which was fabulous. he also surprised me with an exciting new discovery: the vegan bakery in our town has added a (seasonal?) cake to their lineup! they usually offer a carrot cake, which isn't really my thing… and a banana cake, which is delicious and i love it. so when he pulled a little cake out of his bag of tricks, i immediately thought it was the banana cake, and i got all excited. but then i realized that the color was all wrong, and that the frosting looked different. lo and behold, what he really had was a pumpkin cake! oh em gee. now that it's fall i'm totally craving pumpkin muffins and pumpkin cupcakes and pumpkin silk chai and the whole deal. we've never seen a pumpkin cake from them before, but this was really good. they even sprinkled a bit of… cinnamon? nutmeg? on the frosting. mmmm. we ate half of it for lunch dessert, and the other half for dinner dessert (it's a small cake, people). deeelish!



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