dinner with strangers

i always get myself a little worked up when i have to share a meal with someone for the first time. tonight, we went out with nine new someones, so i was a bit nervous. at least one of them knows i'm vegan (although she only found out a couple of days ago, and hasn't talked to me about it at all), but i don't know if she mentioned it to anyone else. we met everyone at the restaurant and due to a series of clusterf*cks we were nearly 30 minutes late, which of course added to my feelings of self-consciousness. i haaaaate being late. anyhow, they waited for us and i did my ordering thing, and as usual everything was pretty much a non-event. i was seated at the way end of the table, so i doubt anyone even really heard what i ordered. there were a few dicey moments when talk turned to ingredients of food–the guy next to my husband has a bugaboo about high fructose corn syrup (and with good reason), and we somehow ended up talking about peanut butter, which you know i have strong feelings about–but all in all, my veganism remained untouched and unspoken. i also panicked when a small group started comparing their dogs' diets (this was a greyhound group again), but we also escaped that one. i need to stop being so paranoid about what other people think. it's exhausting.



  1. I know what you mean – I’ve been in that situation before (minus the greyhound group – that would be weird lol) and sometimes I just don’t want to get into that whole “Oh..you’re vegan…what do you eat…” conversation that all of us must get sick and fed up of repeating over and over and over again.
    Sometimes it’s just a tad tedious and I’m not in the mood for it.

  2. I used to get really worked up before meals with strangers, too — to the point where, years ago, I’d even avoid those situations whenever possible. I still do get a bit anxious sometimes, but find that vegetarianism (and even veganism, to a much lesser extent) is becoming more known in the mainstream. There’s almost always bound to be something to eat on a restaurant menu other than a plain baked potato or tossed salad. Plus, I’ve found that more and more people seem to have had some sort of personal contact with a vegetarian these days. Someone’s niece is a vegan, or someone’s co-worker’s boyfriend is a vegetarian — that sort of thing. It’s getting easier. 🙂

  3. thanks guys! i’m sorry i’ve been so weird and mopey lately, i don’t know what my problem is… i’m just down in the dumps. stuff like this doesn’t always bother me, but lately it seems to rile me up more than usual. sigh. i really need to chill out.

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