the peanut butter update

okay, so back in august(!) i complained that my longtime peanut butter standby, maranatha no stir, had ceased to live up to its no stir label. i'd been eating it for quite some time (like, a couple years), and then just like that, every single jar we bought was totally soupy. like, couldn't take it out of the jar with a knife or it would spill onto the edge of the jar, the counter, the plate, and so forth. in other words: bleah.

i am a peanut-butter-in-the-cupboard kind of girl. i hate storing peanut butter in the fridge, even though that is what 95% of people will tell me to do. if i store peanut butter in the fridge, it gets too stiff and it tears my bread. i eat pb every single day of my life, pretty much, so i'm kind of persnickety about these things.

i got a few recommendations, and also went back to a brand i'd liked before–whole foods 365 organic, which i believe is a re-brand of the whole kids label i'd liked a couple of years ago. well, unfortunately, i kept finding soupy "no stir" pb, and i was getting super frustrated. i've spent the past two months playing the "put it in the fridge so i can spread it, take it out so it softens up enough" game, and it's been driving me batty. i really really liked the 365 organic, taste-wise, but it was soupy. grr! my friend chris says she gets the exact same stuff and hers is just fine in the cupboard, which makes me want to cry. anyhow, i kept moving along and tried two others: earth balance and smart balance. the earth balance was tasty, but also quite soupy. boo! but the smart balance? i believe we have a winner!

from the label it looks like science peanut butter, but it tastes great, and it's totally shelf stable. there are only four ingredients, it comes in creamy or crunchy, and it comes in small or medium jars. hooray! we went through one small jar of creamy and it held up throughout, so we went ahead and bought some more. here's hoping my luck holds! 

(i know i'm going to go back and try that 365 organic again, though, because i can't stand knowing that it works for someone else and not for me.)


  1. yay! you and my kids are pb twins!
    I’m so glad you found something you like again. And I fully support your “peanut butter in the cupboard” platform.

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