red beans & rice

so, we went out for fancypants lunch today, as a bit of a delayed celebration for yesterday. we went to a really nice, relatively new all-vegetarian (and mostly vegan) restaurant on the other side of town. i've been there twice before, and they have great food. it's a little bit on the pricey side but we consider it a splurge, so it's okay. anyscoot, today i was in the midst of deciding what to order (leaning toward the dhal) when our server came over to tell us the special. amusingly, it was red beans & rice, which sounds simple but the description also sounded delicious. the kidney beans were simmered with some chopped tomatoes, red onions, garlic, and various other spices and good stuff that i'm forgetting, and then all of that was spooned over brown rice. i decided that sounded awesome, so i ordered it, and i was not disappointed. i loooved it, and there was so much of it that i probably took 60% of it home with me (for dinner tonight, yay!). we've made red beans and rice a couple of times at home, and today i was reminded of how easily pleased i am. yum, yum, yum. super tasty and good for you, to boot! 

they also gave us a complimentary mini-scoop of their babaganouj with crackers, and i surprised myself by not only tasting it, but liking it. generally speaking i think eggplant is a big YUCK and i've tried babaganouj before with no success, so they must be doing something right. aside from that and my entree, i had a small cup of their signature soup, which is a lentil soup with some veggies and a vegan cilantro sour cream–very tasty. we also tried their green limonade, which our server recommended. i was expecting something like fresh lemonade, but greenish instead of yellow, in a tall glass full of ice. imagine my surprise when it showed up looking more like a glass of wheatgrass juice… or what i imagine wheatgrass juice to look like. it was a vibrant grass green, totally opaque, and really, really tart (i'm really more of a sweet person than a sour person). and there wasn't an ice cube to be seen, so there went my hopes for dilution over time. hee. it wasn't bad; just sour. definitely interesting. i think next time i'll try their homemade almond milk instead–probably more my speed.

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