a fashionable vegan winter coat?

okay, my old posts (mostly from last year, but also the year before) about vegan winter coats are suddenly getting a bazillion hits again, so it must be that time of year… new and old vegans alike, searching for the perfect vegan winter coat. as i've said before: vegan coats are all over the place, but vegan coats that: (a) can stand up to a tough winter, AND (b) are fashionable, are a lot tougher to find. i about went crazy the past few years, until i finally found two–two!–last winter. hooray! i ended up with a long primaloft-filled casual-ish coat by merrell, which appears to be no longer in their line… and i also bought a really nice peacoat-styled primaloft-lined coat from the north face, who are selling it again this year. neither of them was exactly what i was looking for, but both were cute enough in my book, and also extremely warm. i was really happy with them last winter, and i'm excited to wear them again once the weather starts bumming me out.

but wait! what's this? apparently some company i'd never heard of before today is trying to turn the vegan tide of winter coats toward the chic and fabulous. they're sponsoring some sort of designer contest where people get to vote on three different categories of winter coats, and the winner(s?) will evidently be sewn and sold. i know next to nothing about this, except that it's kind of awesome, and who doesn't like voting on stuff? if you're like me and you're dying for a selection of purty vegan winter coats to choose from, go here and click on each category to vote for your favorite vaute coat, el coat, and awe coat. let's see what happens next!


  1. I actually found your website while searching for a vegan coat. This article made me jump out of my seat, actually. That North Face coat is very cute. I’ve had the hardest time looking for a decent winter coat and when I clicked the link to that North Face coat, my excitement got the best of me. I didn’t realize trying to find a coat would be soo hard. I agree, it’s not exactly what I’m looking for either, but it’s still cute and looks like it would keep a person warm enough. Thank you.
    I even voted. That’s an awesome idea. We need cute vegan coats. -sigh

  2. lisa marie, what a great coincidence! 🙂 i’m glad you like the north face coat; it served me well last winter and i look forward to many more!
    phoe–i am having a ROUGH time picking which coat to vote for, too. i settled on an awe coat relatively quickly, but for the vaute and the el, i’ve only narrowed to my favorite THREE in each category. yikes.

  3. This is so funny! I followed your blog comment to this and realized–
    you, this blog, is one of the reasons why I started Vaute Couture!
    I had always wanted a vegan fabulous winter coat, but I wasn’t sure
    if anyone else did, so I seriously have a link of your original blog posts
    about the vegan coat search and the responses, on my computer somewhere!
    I reread them this summer while I was in Hong Kong, before deciding to take the plunge.
    So thank you for the push!! 🙂
    ❤ Leanne

  4. leanne–NO WAY!! this makes me excited to the point of being almost giddy. hooray!! does this mean i get a free coat? 😉 and HOLY CRAP i just realized that i need to decide and finish voting. the vaute and the el styles are giving me fits.

  5. That’s awesome, Leanne! I would totally need a coat like that if I did not live in the desert. But I imagine I could use one for when I take trips somewhere cold. That just doesn’t happen very often. And I tend to run hotter than the average person so I don’t need the warm coats as often, but I do know there is a need for them!

  6. I have spent the past 2 hours looking for vegan winter coat and finally have settled on a MAN’s winter coat by old navy. It’s called “Men’s Toggle-Front Snorkel Jackets” and is $80 with shipping. Not a bad price, nice look that also works for a girl, and warm. I’ll be getting them in a week or so and I’m assuming that because it didn’t mention wool or down, it’s vegan. Thankfully I can return it locally if it isn’t. But, if anyone’s looking for a vegan coat, check it out. It’s worth a look.
    Man, I hope the search is over.

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