seasonal soymilks

one of my sweet pals alerted me to the fact that chocolate peppermint vitasoy is already on the shelves in our teensy tiny co-op! HOORAY! i'm so excited i don't even know what to do. but then that reminded me… i haven't seen pumpkin spice silk around yet. has anyone? is it going to happen again this year? it wasn't my favorite thing straight (it was fine, just nothing i got super-excited over), but i thought it was really tasty with chai. 



  1. Wow, pumpkin spice? I’ve never even seen that flavor! The only seasonal soy milk I’ve seen here has been the soy nog and chocolate peppermint. Thanks for letting me know that there is pumpkin spice out there!

  2. tara, i have no idea if they’re doing it again this year… it was SO hard to find last year, i’m not sure how well it sold… i’m keeping my fingers crossed, though. in the meantime i’ll just buy a crapload of the chocolate peppermint. 😉

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