surprise comfort food

i've been craving mac & cheeze lately but i keep not making it (i'm sensing a theme here with my posts). i have two favorite kinds (if that's possible), and part of it is that i can't decide which one to make, but the other part is that, as documented, i've been a lazy lazy lazybones. back in my pregan days, i think i ate mac & cheese almost once a week. that all ground to a halt when i went vegan, but eventually i found great recipes, and yet i've only been making it "now and again," and i'm not sure what my problem is. i LOVE mac & cheeze. i guess it truly is just a testament to my laziness. 

anyhow, tonight my husband started whipping up some dinner in the kitchen, and i headed upstairs to fold laundry. eventually the smells from his cooking made it upstairs to me, and the scent was really yum. when he called me downstairs to eat, i said, "it smells like my grandma's house at dinnertime!" which is probably weird, but it's true; it was reminiscent of some random collage of childhood memories that included "yummy cooking smell" at grandma's. anyhow, he unveiled the source: impromptu potatoes "au gratin," which he made with some kind of cheezy sauce, and it was sooooooo good. warm, delicious, and starchy, just like i like. it wasn't mac & cheeze per se, but it satisfied my craving just the same.


  1. Try Vegan Dad’s Creamy Mac n Cheese… everything gets tossed into a blender as you are waiting for the noodles to cook. Whir a few minutes. Add to the drained noodles. Done. Easy to make on lazy days (I know from experience ;-] )

  2. thanks lisa, i’ll check it out! the two recipes i mentioned are both super-easy, too… i’m just THAT lazy. ha! for the record, i usually make the mac un-cheese (it’s a stovetop recipe) from compassion over killing’s site, or the cheezish macaroni (stovetop + blender) from the gladcow cookbook. both are delish.

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