office snacks

i'm just curious: what sorts of things do you stash at work for snacking? i am one of those people who always has a luna bar in my purse or in a drawer in my office somewhere, and i also almost always have chocolate in my mini-fridge. other than that, though, i tend to rotate. sometimes i have a box of crackers, sometimes peanut-butter stuffed pretzels from trader joe's, sometimes raw almonds. i always bring a lunch when i go to school, but i like to have something squirreled away in my snack drawer at all times, for snack emergencies. what am i missing? 



  1. I always have in my desk:
    – larabars
    – chonklit
    – trail mix/nuts
    – chips/crackers/tings
    – tea
    – teeny tiny salt shaker
    – candy (right now it’s black licorice scottie dogs)
    – emergen-c packets
    – apples
    I’m not sure what you’re missing. Sometimes I keep shelf-stable meals in my desk too. Like those yummy spanish beans from trader joes, or a can of soup.

  2. ha! gladcow, i love that you have a long list. it’s so organized and prepared-style! when i bring fruit, it’s usually as part of my lunch, but not really every day because i’m a loser like that. trail mix is something i never really got into because of my irrational dislike for raisins. 🙂 maybe i could make my own, though, with stuff i like! thanks for all the ideas, guys!

  3. I have a home office, so I have my kitchen. But I always keep purse snacks cause I never know when I’ll need something (vegan and healthy). Usually a Cliff bar of some kind and their dried fruit ropes because those travel well and are mostly non-perishable. My other snacks tend to be random and whatever I have on hand and can pack as part of a portable lunch.

  4. I tOtally make my own trail mix! I usually mix tamari almonds, raw walnuts, pumpkin seeds, dried cherries and cranberries together and call it yum. Sometimes I get a trail mix I like from trader joe’s and add tamari almonds to it (because I cannot have enough tamari almonds, oh and chocolate).
    /stalking comments

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