new stuffs

i'm planning to do a little power-shopping at vegan essentials on friday, and i'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations. it seems like lots and lots of new things have become available lately, and i haven't tried most of it. heh. i think i'm going to be on the lookout for those crumblz dealies that seem like vegan butterfingers–how awesome do those sound? and i think there's also a new mac & cheeze mix (an envelope maybe?) on the market from leahey gardens… unless i totally just made that up off the top of my head. i know they have some gravy packets that look good… hmmm… well, if i'm not wrong, i'll probably pick up some mac & cheeze, but otherwise, just gravy. ha! 

what's new out there that you're dying to try, and/or what's new that you have already tried and heartily recommend?


  1. (I don’t generally shop at veganessentials, so I went and peeked at their site to get an idea of what is “new”)
    I love the crumblz (stoopid name and all).
    I’m dying to try the new Annie’s fruit snacks, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. They look yum.
    Oh! and the vegan meringue cookie kit! Really want to try that, heard good things.
    I love the bacon salt, but can no longer eat it (darn wheat!)
    cheddar teese?! woah. didn’t know it was out already!

  2. whoa, i didn’t know cheddar teese was out either! guess we’ll have to give that a try! glad to know the crumblz are good, hooray! i’ll have to take a peek at the fruit snacks and the meringue dealie–thanks gladcow! (i’ll skip the bacon salt though, because i never EVER liked bacon. i know, i’m a freak of nature.)

  3. Come on write and talk like a slob, get education it’s free, show the World your not a fool, remember it’s better to look a fool than to write or open your mouth then everyone will know your a fool.

  4. Monet, the product is actually called Cheddar Teese. And your grammar has been far from perfect in your comments for you to even consider calling someone else names. Get lost, you have nothing valuable to add here.

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