sharing the food love

have you ever met a new vegan and then just inexplicably started spewing food ideas at them? i did that tonight, and even though it was sort of the point of us getting together, i still felt kind of silly a few times. i swear, i'd be talking about something totally normal, and then i would bust out with, "and OH! have you tried those back to nature peanut butter sandwich cookies? they're like nutter butters except OMG!" or "did you know there's vegan mayo? actually there are two popular kinds and my favorite is vegenaise because…" or "there are these awesome crackers called crispy wheats and they're SO good with hummus!"

it was like all i could do is shout random food ideas at her, the poor girl. luckily she was a good sport, and she actually started writing things down. ha! i also branched out beyond food (because she asked) and prattled on and on about lotion, lip balm, makeup, perfume, and over the counter medication. but talk always returned to food, what with the tofurkey deli slices and the bean & avo burritos and the trick of serving vegan chili to omnis when you're looking for a simple meal idea. i couldn't stop myself; it was as if i had food-tourette's. eventually we made a date to go out for dinner sometime (so she can try tempeh and/or seitan and/or something else she's never had before) and then follow that up with some grocery shopping. awesome.


  1. I know this was totally not your point, but I thiiiink Nutter Butters are vegan. I hope they are, I’ve eaten them recently.

  2. yes! nutter butters are vegan, never fear. sorry if i scared you! but the back to nature peanut butter sandwich cookeis? are Oh Em Gee, for reals. my husband’s favorite cookie in all the land is the nutter butter, but if i bring home the back to nature pb cookies, he can eat almost the entire box in one sitting. they’re ridiculous-good.

  3. Can I first help you, remember you are a person a human which is more important than anything else in this World, so you start youself of with I capital, not i if you think of yourself as small and insignificant then do it while the whole World looks on at us Americans and laughs at the lack of education we have, get real get English grammar, for God sake.

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